Friday, May 02, 2008

Someone New is Making My Latte

This guy, or someone like him

When I asked her if there was anything else we needed to talk about/plan for our weekend away this weekend, Susan had three questions for me:

What's our theme?
What's our goal?
What are you wearing?
What would you like to do Sat. night?

I'm kinda into these questions. Not that I have answers for them, I'm just into them. Susan's made the road trip CD, I've got the dried mango and pumpkin seeds. We're ready. I do have a few goals, among them: photos of strangers, at least three divine meals, a trip to Powell's and lattes from Stumptown. Anyone want to add anything to that?

Once again, we're going here, the place where I go when I want to get away and feel at home all at the same time. Scratch Goal Number 2 off my list of things for my 37th year.

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